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Our News Listeners

Are Your Most Valuable Customers

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Phoenix Turns to KJZZ

to Connect to the Issues of the Day
and the People of the World 

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Our Audience

KJZZ partners with Classical K‑BACH to connect with a highly educated, influential, cultural and community-minded audience totaling almost three quarters of a million different people
each month

Source: Nielsen, Jan-May 2015, P6+

Combine Stations to Expand Reach

85% of K‑BACH listeners do not listen to KJZZ

75% of KJZZ listeners do not listen to K‑BACH

Source: Nielsen, Jan-May 2015, P6+

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How Sponsorship Works

Your K‑BACH | KJZZ representative will work with you to create a multiplatform campaign to engage your target

We create engaging and unique messaging based on your needs


Our highly engaged audience receives your messages in a clutter‑free environment

 Our audience takes action to support your brand

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Multiplatform Strategy

Multiple touchpoints for your messaging leads to deeper engagement with your best potential customers

Digital media presents outstanding opportunities for organizations to



Interact with current and potential customers


Reach and grow audience

Create and distribute content